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The Ettridge Wind Turbine is the only Wind Turbine that can be scaled down to be suitable for use with electric powered vehicles. One of the problems with wind generators is that when there is no wind, they do not work. But of course even if there is no wind, and a vehicle is traveling at 60 km/h, then there is a 60 km/h wind or air movement over the roof of the vehicle, or through the front of the vehicle, where the radiator would have been placed, in an internal combustion powered vehicle.

In the animation above, the black arrows represent the wind at the lower level moving the turbine blades in the uncovered portion of the wind shield which is attached to the wind scoop, that is about 120 degrees of rotation.

The  red arrows represent the wind at the high level in the wind scoop and the tunnel formed by the wind shield and turbine blades, the remaining 240 degrees of rotation.

Naturally if the Ettridge Wind Turbine is fixed in a vehicle there is no need for the wind scoop and wind shield to be able to rotate, as the direction of the wind will always be from the front of the vehicle.